Half season goes well even better! (MotoGP)

It’s an unusual Motogp weekend last week at Silverstone. The Yamaha rider who I always count him as a smooth rider in cornering, went wild last week. Lorenzo was known as smooth rider on chicanes. But now that’s just a history for now. Looking at his battle for P1 with Marquez in couple final laps made myself stunned with his riding style. With Marquez in this season on GP class, brings us new atmosphere in enjoying the race. People said that Marquez is a combination of Simoncelli’s aggressiveness and Stoner’s persistence. More or less, that makes sense I think, according to his achievement through half season. Well, I guess Lorenzo have to adequate in adapting his talent to run his bike faster. By the new engine he has, it’s going to be a good result.

Just couple more races before the season completes. It will be an awesome races ahead. Marquez as the rookie, might win the rookie of the year I reckon. He fought back when the doctors said he got injured. He battled well when others said he might not go to the podium. This season is a déjà vu for those who love the old days races, when it was two stroke engine. May the spirit of them keeps this season alive.

*I don’t pick any brand of bike of any rider as my favorite. Just enjoying the motor sports with its great riders.

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