Breathless in Silverstone: The MotoGP Race

Riding Fast and Flying Low

Jorge Lorenzo grabbed victory at the historic Silverstone, but not before some phenomenal racing with the injured Marc Marquez. This will definitely count as one of the best races in modern MotoGP history!

By Chitra Subramanyam

I want to make a special request before I start waxing eloquent on the brilliant race at Silverstone. It’s a shout-out to Marc Marquez’s doctor – Could you please pass me those painkillers you have been handing out to Marquez? I think I could do with some.

Do you blame me? That 20-year-old rookie was on something – Red Bull maybe? Or was it pure determination and doggedness? Or was it something extra-terrestrial? I know, you will probably say I have been watching too many reruns of Smallville. But hey, cut me some slack, will ya?

I mean that the kid is brilliant. The pre-event press conference was properly morose. Dani Pedrosa shrugged. Jorge…

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